New Gate Calendar of Executions

I’ve been reading the Newgate calendar of executions…Ok, morbid, yes, but research-wise, it’s wonderful. No one is quite like ‘Than and Derian, though. That stands to reason, but there is a highwayman couple mentioned, although, again, not quite up to ‘Than and Derian. And there are more complete stories for some of the well known favorites, like William Nevinson, Claude Duvall, and my poor, misunderstood ancestor Captain Kidd.

Worth 50,000 Words?

Pop the cork and pour the champagne already! We have 50,000 words in In Sanguine. Granted, most of them will be replaced in the next round of the editing machete, but 50,000 words! It means that there may be hope. Maybe. I actually had the full thread of a story going and had to go back and rework the whole thing. I’m somewhere in the middle of it now, with about 50 new pages behind me and another hundred or so ahead of me. Poor ‘Than is not yet in Constantinople and she’s picked up an additional hanger-on who can’t stand garlic and has to cover up in the sunlight. We’ll get to the Mediterranean yet. Meanwhile, a lot of interesting things are going on with Derian, Dierdre, Padge, and Phillipe that were all missing before.

The Pirate Museum

In a moment of curiosity, I tried one of those searches to see if this page would pop up and I found this article at the Pirate Museum. Tres cool. Check out the story of Rachel Wall. It’s nice to know that women were well represented in the pirate world. Oh, my page didn’t turn up. And here I was feeling very proud to know that Castle Lesenvlk is the opposite of those porn pages that you accidentally wind up on when you look up electronic cabbages or something…

Betta Fish Wall Sconces

I’ve been going over my stats for May. It looks like Castle Lesenvlk is the Space Port’s most popular page and we have quite an international crowd of visitors. I’m glad to have all of you, even the ones who really wanted to be elsewhere. I hope you found something to recommend this little site.

The keyword searches that got a lot of you to this page were fascinating reading, let me tell you. Most of you wanted costuming, corset, jewelry, or Dragon Con information, but the most popular Key Phrase Search was:

hanging woman noose neck

On the same theme, we had:

hanging woman from gallows, hanging noose, hanging gallows, executioner noose slender neck, gallows executioner hood rope, executioner hanging noose woman, by her neck gallows, was hanging girl rope noose, hanging noose rope girl or teen or women or female, gallows hanging, hanging by the rope noose around the neck, her hanging noose she, gallows hanging girl, woman hanging from the gallows, gallows hanging girl noose, hanging noose air, noose rope hanging girl or female or teen, noose tightened around her, leather boots hanging noose

Some of you weren’t thinking about pirates, now were you (although, to be fair, some of you were)? Naughty! {evil grin} However, now that I think about it, wouldn’t it make a wonderful “haunted ‘net'” story…

Now, that having been said, my favorite of the phrases was:

constantinople never fell

Sorry, everyone, but Turkey might not agree…

My other favorite came from April (where, incidentally, the hanging references in the key phrases searches were even more explicit, if less numerous), and I’m not kidding you about this:

betta fish wall sconces