Proof of my disturbed mind

I was just recently telling someone that I had left ‘Than sitting by the grave of her travelling companion, the little hitchhiker “Katia,” whom she was very sure was going to rise in the evening. Apparently the sane thing for ‘Than to do at that point was kill her. Do you know, I never once thought of that? Really. Never. It has to do with ‘Than’s state of mind. It is something like, “So what if you’re a monster? So am I,” at the moment.

Could it be that Anathandra Varischkovna, Baroness von Lesenvlk and Pirate Captain of the Amantia del Mar is not exactly sane either?

Hello. Hello. Is anybody out there?

Does anyone read this? If so, run, don’t walk to the email icon and let me know. Otherwise I’ll just blather on randomly and may even go bindle wirdle for a day or so. Or, maybe that’s what you want from me. I don’t know these things.

I was just musing to a friend about the fact that I write in here even when I’m not writing in the novel. Go figure that. At least it isn’t like the time I paused for three days while my main character was in free fall above a huge abyss and wrote practically everyone I knew with the scene. My friends were after my blood that day, let me tell you.


A meandering thought…What is a writer to do when, in the midst of the Patriot Act, people who check out certain kinds of books are (by law) reported to the federal government? Today I’m researching Slavic myth, Pirates, Highwaymen, and 11th century Constantinople, but every once in a while I need something that comes in one of those grey areas. (Admittedly, my last bit of weirdness was figuring out how to use 17th century materials to patch up a sucking chest wound, after a hysterical bartender tried to shove a stake through the main character’s heart…What about next time, though? Assassins, for instance, use poisons.) How to go to the library without becoming public enemy number 6,587,326?

Mailbox Fu, The Sequel

And the mailbox revealed: “Stand and Deliver: Tales of Irish Highwaymen.” No Plunkett and Macleane, though.

Still trying to decide whether or not to cut the scene where Will Barber explains to Phillipe about the Amantia del Mar. Watch for it in the excerpts. If it shows up there, you’ll know it’s cut. (Not all of the excerpts are cut scenes, btw, just some.) I liked that scene, but, ever more, I like the scene where Captain Delacort tells Phillipe bits of it, while, at the same time, Lady Winterbrook has told the full story complete with behind the scenes details to Derian.

I am a bit worried about publishers seeing this book and saying, “Another pirate book. Isn’t funny how people all seem to write books in the genre of the latest hot movie?” Meanwhile, my book, which was begun 3 years prior to Pirates of the Carribean, gets tossed into the recycling bin.

Ah well, not so many pirate movies feature highwaymen and storm wraiths in a baroque setting, so maybe, just maybe, everything will be all right…oh, and fights with werewolves and vampires.

Books, Mail, and Video Tape

Oh, and for those who might be waiting on the edge of their seats, Plunkett and Macleane has still not arrived in my mail box. The last date for delivery on the site was yesterday. The frustrating part is that I had a copy of the movie in my hands last week, but did not buy it. (Did I say I was not going to discuss trivial matters? Or are the reading and viewing habits of a writer actually important?)

Blog Software

I just found out that iBlog has become BlogWorkz to avoid any confusion with the other iBlog out there which produces rather dull looking blogs all to the same template. (Tried to hook up this place to their webring and discovered, much to my surprise, that the program name had been usurped.)

News…News…None really. maybe the first scene with Angeline di Ravena. She’s all of about twelve years old at the moment and a fostered princess sailing back to Rome on the ship of the empire’s worst pirate catcher. She has no idea that she is going to become one of non-history’s best assassins.

This week, though, the heat has been brutal and once home, I’ve been too tired to write. Plus we’ve been rearranging furniture and all the trivial things that I don’t intend to talk about in this journal.

Oh, this place has a guestbook now, and a “post-a-link” courtesy of Mark Donchek. I’m still working on the Forums*, which are courtesy of Hot Things.Net. Links for the guestbook and post-a-link are on the forums page, or in this paragraph, which I have personally handcrafted for your use. I’m working out where else they should go. I may replace the forums button with something more descriptive of all.

Anyway, whatever way you choose, this place is interactive now.

Meanwhile, there is a fantastic storm brewing outside my window. I’m watching the show as I type. The only thing that could make this better is a warm cat and a cup of chocolate.

*Working on the Forums basically means that I’m waiting for the next version that has been promised, which has a login screen. Otherwise, feel free to join up now. You’ll have to login for each message you write by clicking the lock on the message screen. Or, as some people have already discovered, you don’t have to login at all. That function will go away when I get the version with login. I promise.


Bleh! Bleh, I say! Bleh!

I wish I was doing this from my iBook. iBlogger is so much nicer than this interface. I just wrote an entire post that disappeared into aether.

From memory:

I haven’t written anything brilliant lately, unless you’re into the whole morbid humor thing. I just could not resist having ‘Than and a (unnamed) highwayman go slogging through woods, while (quite casually) swinging a somnolent vampire between them. It’s a sight gag. You’d have to be there (or read it).

Cafe Press is now into book publishing. If I can ever work up a following outside of the crowd of disappointed deviants who visit this place (present company, all those who follow my live journal, and don’t get here by putting things in a search engine like “noose hanging rope panties” excepted.), then I might cast a whole short story between covers and offer it up to the masses. One of a kind, original A. J. Marquess, with a scanned sig that reads “To my biggest fan.” I’ll buy copies for my Mom, Zag, and Rose and that will about cover it, no?

Plunkett & Macleane has yet to arrive. It’s suposed to come by my birthday, but at this rate, I’ll be 30 by the time it gets here. (Only my friends will know why that’s funny.)

My mini digicam is at the post office as we speak, though. Beware, I may have to put up some videos of my cat. Calvin Attacks the Logitech Eyeball was a wonderful black and white classic.

[Carefully copying this post so as not to lose it again]

Signing off for now…

The Ghost from the Bottom of the Page


Plunkett and Macleane

Ordered Plunkett and Macleane on video tape last night from for a whopping $0.95 ($3.74 with shipping). I’d have rather had the DVD, but I could only find regions 2 and 4. I ordered it, too, in spite of the fact that I remember telling Zag she couldn’t pick the movie anymore, after bringing that one to a weekly coven.

I’ll let you know if I still feel that way about it, after I see it again.