Six days until Dragon Con

I am NOT ready.

I put up a countdown and a Faires and Cons page in the links section. The links section is interactive now. Has been for a couple of weeks, but I didn’t announce it. You can add your own links. However, I can’t have a sense of humor about the content, as per my web provider’s instructions. I will visit the links and smite the ones that don’t meet the standards I have to abide by. I would be supremely unhappy if I were kicked off my server for being clever about my links pages.

Anyway. I’m tired and want to go to bed. No rest for the wicked, though…

Dragon Con Corset Photo

Ok, since this bloody thing shows up in every search for Dragon Con and Corset and I can’t find your site or manage to email you, I’m posting a notice here.

I am the owner of the white corset with the black buttons from Dragon Con 2002. If you were the owner of the black corset and you attempted to take a picture with me, then I have a picture here and another here for you.

If you see this, please write to me. (The email button on this page will do.) I want to attribute your picture and put a link to your website, also.

En general…If anyone sees their con pics on my website and *does not* want them to be anonymous, please write to me. I will add names/links or both to any caption. Also, I will write better captions if you want me to. (I am hoping that no one out there wants their pic removed all-together, as I had a very hard time going through all the pics and choosing only the best, then culling from those.)

For some reason, no matter what I do in Google, I always find this journal. I’m beginning to think it’s Google’s acquisition of Blogger that is at fault.

Another Fascinating Search

While I am very used to seeing the results of my “vanity” searches show up in my keywords, I am not aware that I did one this month. (Vanity searches are searches that are meant to turn up links to one’s own website. Really, it is much easier to take a look in the recent stats for links that have been used.)

Anyway, some one out there is looking for The Baroness von Lesenvlk. There is only one that I know of, so you must have had a reason to look for her. Come now, don’t be shy. I’ll be happy to chat.

Euro Pro is Dead, Long Live Euro Pro

It is a dark day indeed for the Lady of Lesenvlk. After three years of faithful service (read: being run hard and put away wet) the Euro Pro Denim and Silk Machine which created all of the costumes you see herein has ceased to function as a proper machine ought. Know you any FL service centers for my infernal machine and I beseech you write me.

Meanwhile, This machine is on its way to becoming mine. I am told that Crafty Stitcher has contracted with The Federation ™ for shipping purposes. It is supposed to arrive at my door in some two days time.


I’m so proud! Some of you weren’t looking for porn! And one of you definately wasn’t!

New Key Phrase Search from August 2003:

dragon con jpg -porn

The Movie Has Come

Big news! Plunkett and Macleane arrived last night. So, after nearly a month of waiting, I got to see about half of it. It does have its charm after you get through the first 10-15 minutes.