Little Cthulhu’s Book of Occult Baby Names

Interesting piece of news. If you look up the keywords “Occult Baby Names” on Amazon, due mostly to the “feature” that allows you to search excerpts, you get 6665 results under books. So close…Now, ask me my opinion on Amazon’s new Search including excerpts…

Remember a long time ago, how it happened that I couldn’t find the baby book entry for Adam that showed the Slavic variation Adamek which led me to name Athamek? I never did locate it. I suspect I dreamed it.

Well, being a Classicist (sort of) I decided that a good name for a character who drowned an came back as something else might be Helle. Helle isn’t the only character in Greek mythology who drowned. She didn’t have to be Helle. I just remembered that name at random from my mythology class and knew that she had fallen off the back of the animal carrying her to safety. I had the vague notion that she had something to do with the Golden Fleece.

I looked her up. Here is a summary of what I found. Would you look at who her father is???

Helle was the daughter of King Athamus of Thessaly and Nephele. After Nephele died Athamus took another wife, Ino, who mistreated the Helle and her brother Phrixus.

One night she tried to kill the children, but mistaken killed her own son and daughter instead. She blamed the children’s nurse for the crime and bribed messengers from Delphi to tell Athamus that Phrixus and Helle must be sacrificed.

When the children were taken to the temple, a large golden ram rescued them and carried them away. Somewhere on this journey, Helle began to feel dizzy and she fell off of the ram’s back and was drowned in the Hellespont.

Phrixus eventually arrived in Colchis, sacrificed the ram to Zeus (rather ungrateful to the poor ram, I thought), and married the King’s daughter. The ram’s fleece was the Golden Fleece of Jason and the Argonauts fame.

And Who is Derian?

Do you realize that in all the excerpts that I have posted in this place, Derian Fiske only appears once in person and that in only a one sentence description and piece of dialogue. And I thought I was borderline posting too much information.

So, when I tell you, say, that he married some one else (besides ‘Than) while I was at the keyboard Friday night, you won’t have a clue about who I’m talking about.

Bloody ‘ell.

But it’s a big deal. Honest.

Where October?

How did I miss the entire month of October?

October was filled with costuming, but not much writing, for once. I finished nothing–ok, not quite true. I finished hand binding the top of my pvc corset. All bones are back in place and nothing poked me in the underarm on Hallow’s Eve.

I do have a pile of fabric I want to get a chance to cut out. I am going to try for the Elizabethan farthingale this weekend, while I over dye the silk for my frock coat lining. The Butterick Historical Hats were a bust, but I should have been able to predict that. I did buy some hat patterns that struck me as being more useful and I do have plans for them.

Writing…I’ve begun again, or I had, when suddenly I was attacked by a flea in the form of Hasame kun Hyaku. Writers, beware all role-playing characters. They are bad for your works-in-progress.

Strangely, I have no desire to write about Hasame. I haven’t played her that long, for one. I don’t know her all that well, beyond the killing and ornamental paper cutting. And, if anything, Hasame is a character in Victoria’s story. Her world, though, is mine. I have the sudden desire to move In Sanguine or parts of In Sanguine into it. The idea of the Infant King is too appealing.

Help me before I go insane.