Meeting places

Due to the lack of descriptions/pictures of Valisere in Cairo, I need to come up with another name for the lingerie store…something I can use on a fictional shop. It strikes me as a good/logical meeting place for two female characters to exchange information. I can’t have Aiyesha come to Hassan’s, convenient as that would be. She isn’t family, strictly speaking, and she probably cares about her reputation. Half of Cairo knows that Hassan’s Tea Shop is a den of theives. However, running into Alex in the Egyptian version of Victoria’s Secret might work. Naturally, she would give Alex the journal then.

St. Patrick’s Day Project

Although I find it the quandary of whether or not I should be celebrating the day the “snakes” were sent forth from Ireland (though I do imagine that the Pixies and Leprechauns stayed anyway) I always wear green in self defense (warding off pinches) and often pluck a bouquet from my shamrock pot. This year the shamrocks were not in bloom (I don’t know why–maybe not enough rain until just recently?), so I left them be. However, I found myself walking through the misty, rainy morning to the building next door to the one where I work. On one side of the side walk was a veritable forest of clover. I plucked two hand-fulls and came back to my office, where I have an electric laminator.

I arranged the clover on a piece of card stock, covered them with a heat seal pocket, and ran them through the laminator. A little bit of liquid pooled on the card stock below the cut stems, but I think it worked well enough. I’m not sure how long the clover will last or if the card stock will mold where it is wet through, but I will watch it and let you know.

When I was small my mother used clear contact on four leaf clovers (I’ve never found one of those in my life, by the way) and it kept them fresh for a long time. I thought perhaps heat seal might do a bit better at the pressing/preservation. For now, they are quite pretty, having almost the appearance of a water color painting of shamrocks.

I still have the shamrocks. They yellowed/browned, but they still look like a water color.

The Lingerie Souk

Okay, knowing that there is a ladies underwear Bazaar in Cairo just makes me smile. It’s one of those things that just affirms that we are all the same, no matter what…and other fuzzy thoughts.

Why did I look this up? It’s kind of important if you send a character out of the country without adequate clothing. I don’t have any mental images of Alex buying lacey nothings, particularly, though. It’s not that kind of story.

Growing up in Dar Hassan

“Growing up in Dar Hassan was like living in an orphanage in downtown Gomorrah at the crossroads of Hell Avenue and Damnation Way. I have been shot at, yes. I’ve also been kidnapped and left in the desert for dead. It just hasn’t happened in a very long while,” Alex explained.

Why I hate MS Internet Explorer

(The irony is that I am writing from MS Internet Explorer for Windows right now.) Have you seen this place lately? I apologize from the depths of my heart. Maroon and Fuschia should never be side by side on a page. I didn’t exactly *pick* the colors, so to speak. I chose them randomly to help me determine why it is that some of my CSS boxes are not functioning. The answer appears to be the Internet Explorer is not recognizing them as boxes.

To be perfectly honest, the highest percentage of boxes showing are doing so in FireFox. Nothing, not even FireFox, wants to recognize “text-align: center;” in the css file, although W3C claims that is valid. That’s annoying because the HTML ‘align=”center” ‘ has been deprecated and html center codes are just ugly.

If the W3C is putting out standard codes, why can’t the browsers read them? I pick on Internet Explorer because it is the most popular and least compatible–and the Mac version is stuck in the stone age–but no implementation seems to be comprehensive.

So, what did I do rather than fix it? Well…I changed all of php behind the site in order to bury my content in separate folders and try to vary my titles. The reason you can’t preview it is that I didn’t replace index.php yet. I will soon. When I do, 404 errors will be generated from here to Chrisendom–or, actually they won’t. People will just be routed to the main page until whatever webmasters (and search engines) correct the links. I *could* make it so that everything shows up on the old links, but I want the engines to update. They won’t if I make it simple for the old pages to show up.

I will try to alert webmasters of the need to update referring links, but even I can’t anticipate everything.

Tried adding borders

I got the bright idea to actually look at what I’ve been doing. Strange, I know. I added borders to all of the CSS IDs and classes. Guess what? The borders on the banner div, me div and rightbox div don’t show up. Almost as if there was no div there at all…with a small exception. Any changes I make to the css makes the banner and me divs react.

Waxing Poetic: CSS in Four Part Harmony

Or 50 ways a web designer goes mad.

You might have noticed some changes going on to links and excerpts. (Don’t try the links button from this page. I haven’t rerouted it yet. Checkout excerpts first and take the button from there.) Right now both places are full of packing peanuts.

I decided to use a little php script to give you the links list or the excerpts lists when you click on the broad category headings. So fine, so good, so hoopy. Only, I decided I wanted to have the links/excerpts lists show up beside the list of category headings. (This after spending a good afternoon playing with different javascript menus.)

Ok, so it’s a little heavier on bandwidth. I always have been a server-side-who-me-I-coded-all-these-pages-in-html-just-ignore-the-nonstandard-url-it-doesn’t-mean-anything type of girl. DHTML with Javascript displayed for all the world to see and text firmly stuck in lines of code just bothers me.

Well, if you look at those pages, you will find that the links list wraps around the left floated categories list, as does the default “Gratuitous Plug.” The only reason that the excerpts is ok (except for the default) is that there aren’t nearly as many.

It does it whether I use a div or a span, whether I declare it as a class or use it as an id and it doesn’t show up in Safari. Using float right to kick the other text over doesn’t work either and just makes the banner area go nuts.

So, why, you ask, do I think this should work? Because it did just before I deleted some of the codes that control the behavior of my definition lists and unordered lists. No kidding.

And get this: Putting those back didn’t help.

So, who’s up for pizza?