Considering new cover designs

I downloaded an ebook about why it’s a waste to actively market your ebook and while I don’t agree with it (a fiction book gets lost in a sea of fiction books if you’re not careful) I do think I need to look at some things. One of them is my cover. I, personally, love the purple and I love Haggard House. I think it looks good, but it could probably look better and stand out more.

While it’s in my head

The next “quotation” for to be a shadow.

It was like trying to explain particle physics to a Greek philosopher. The ability in maths might be there and the intelligence might be there, but so much remediation is required that it might be better just to listen to him talk and perhaps learn something even more profound than what I have to teach.

Screaming Pink Doldrums

A quick update about life, the universe, and everything, starting with the fact that my monitor is a “more mauvy shade of pinky russet”1 and I can’t stand looking at it for prolonged periods. There’s that.

I’m also somewhat hung up on my pirate ghost story. It’s not voicing properly, probably because of the pirate story problem I noted years ago. That is, no pirate can actually be a pirate in the story and still be a proper hero or even a proper anti-hero. You *always* have to have the pirate out of his/her native element. If not, then it’s a story about a bunch of robbers and murderers robbing and murdering. It’s not just that this is morally reprehensible. It’s also repetitive and boring. Kind of like having too many sex scenes in a novel. The mind glazes over and we are left with the eternal, “And then what?”

It doesn’t help that my monitor is pink. I’m hoping I get the new VGA adapter in soon.

  1. “The other Sheltanac’s juppleberry shrub is a more mauvy shade of pinky russet.” Douglas Adams.