Bimini is a chain of islands

A friend posted that she wanted her friends to post about how we met, but lie about it. So…

It was back in 97 when you were still a private investigator and I was looking for the fabled Monkey’s Paw Ruby. You were tailing Sammy the Squid when our paths happened to cross at that broken down airport near the Bimini border. Some one had poisoned the pilot, but you said you could fly. I had you drop me off in Bangladesh. I still think landing the plane first would have been more polite, but it was monsoon season, so we’d have had to have been really lucky to find an airstrip under all that water. I said I’d meet you in the Black Jack bar on the Barbary coast and buy you a drink, but I got tangled up with the ruby’s curse and never made it. That’s another story.

Regarding Comments…

If you’re watching and you’re real and you have something to say, don’t be afraid. This early on in the relaunch, I don’t expect a whole lot of comments or followers, but I realize, from experience, that the lack of active community is off-putting.

I just refuse to be so desperate for attention that I let spammers in and, believe me, I know the difference. If I were interested remotely in buying blog posts, I know where to go. I used to sell them there before a little matter of eating flowers got me down.

But, I am a writer. Writers write and anyone who knows me knows I will go on about things. 1 I probably won’t be buying your articles, because if I did, it would be a betrayal of everything this place stands for. 2

  1. Sympathy to my long suffering friends. You know I love all of you dearly, I hope.
  2. Everything for which this place stands? Gotta love grammar. Grandpa too, come to think.