About me

A J MarquessA J Marquess lives in a small town in Tennessee with her fiance, three dogs, three cats, three ducks, three geese, three goldfish, two guppies, and enough fruit trees to cause a sticky, sweet singularity. She has been writing “stories” since she was ten years old and reading as long as she can remember. She can recite Jabberwocky at any given moment. In fact, it can be hard to stop her, should you not want Jabberwocky recited just then. If you don’t want Jabberwocky recited, it’s really best not to ask. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Classical Studies and a Masters in Education and has spent a longer time as a graduate student than anyone should admit to. She has worked as a database programmer and in quality assurance for a 3D graphics company. In her spare time, she designs and creates fantasy costumes, accessories, and jewelry. Her favorite author often asks for a banana daiquiri in his author’s notes, but she finds she prefers diet cola–as long as she is still allowed to recite Jabberwocky.

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